Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Tweet Advice

If you didn't learn to work smart & hard at school, you're going to have to learn afterwards. If you already know, you're unstoppable!

Nobody's going to look at your grades - they look at your portfolio. You've got to develop your own standard & hold yourself to it

Like @housedemsgirl says- just going to art school isn't enough. Beyond meeting people, you've gotta push yourself past what the school asks

@lawnrocket it's also important to note that just going to an art sch isn't enough. You have to get involved/engaged to build relationships.

And talking about networking: Don't be a jerk, value your time & others', remember to network at YOUR level too, not just upwards.

Also don't be a sleazeball please. Networking is just a fancy word for making professional friends.

@lawnrocket …while there were a few professors I really liked, I feel 90% of what I learned in art school came from my classmates.

I think @coldmilk is onto something - your classmates are really where you can get the most.

@jsanford @lawnrocket Ditto. I left w/a $40K debt (tiny by today's standards), but that group of friends helped build the body of my career.

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